Gateway Worship & Creative Arts

We are committed to creating a worship experience that is PASSIONATE and ENERGETIC, that INSPIRES people to worship God AUTHENTICALLY for who he is, with an OPEN HEART AND MIND, willing to receive the miraculous gifts and blessings he has for us.

the Team We See…

  • …is committed to empowering CREATIVITY. We see ourselves as made in the image of God, and believe he is calling us to be the creators of our worship experience.
  • …is committed to our COMMUNITY. We see Gateway as a musical hub in our city, where people can become inspired to develop their God-given potential, and also just enjoy great music.
  • …is committed to PERSONAL GROWTH. We see our team members being devoted to consistent personal growth, being devoted to their relationship with God, and being devoted to improving their craft.
  • …is open and excited about MIRACULOUS WORKS of the Holy Spirit, within a safe, stable and strongly led environment.
    If you have any specific questions or just want to connect, simply email Mitch.