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XLR8: Youth

XLR8 Youth is a weekly program that offers a space for youth ages 11-17 to participate in exciting activities, hear challenging messages and develop positive friendships. Our objective at XLR8 Youth is that through the discipleship, guidance and love of older individuals that students discover who Jesus is and His love for them, and are encourage and guided to grow as people and in their relationship with Christ.



Jr. High Takeover is a high-energy, action-packed night that provides younger students the opportunity to “takeover” the church. The purpose of this night is for youth to feel free to be themselves and for their energy and enthusiasm to be celebrated and channelled in a positive way, while also being exposed to the Gospel and challenged in their faith.


Sr. High House Party is for students in Grades 10-12 and takes place on Wednesday nights from 7-9pm. This weekly gathering takes place in a private home, hosted by a mature couple and led by youth leaders. The house party is an informal social gathering where spiritual growth, pastoral care, and discipleship can take place naturally.


XLR8 Arcade is a bi-monthly event that brings together two ministry groups: Senior High and Junior High. With wide games that consume the entire church and challenging messages, this is sure to be a night of high impact, both in terms of energy levels and spiritual growth.


Once every two months, the Jr. High and Sr. High Students will join the Young Adults for a night of worship and encountering God. At Encounter, we seek to create an atmosphere where God is free to move. It is a night of prayer, worship and being open to whatever the Holy Spirit seeks to do.

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If you have any specific questions or just want to connect, simply email Darien.