VISION SUNDAY is just around the corner (November 18th). We will be sitting down with Pastor Martin for a special interview THIS SUNDAY (in the first ten minutes of the service). You will want to make sure you are early as you won't want to miss this. Clocks Fall Back this Sunday so you have some extra time ;)

We also wanted to share this this special message from Pastor Martin with you all as we look forward to Vision Sunday: Light the Fire.

"Hi church! I just wanted to remind you that in three weeks time we have our next Vision Sunday (November 18th). Over the past few years we have been holding two Vision Sunday services' each year--on in the spring and one in the fall or winter. And this is our second and finale Vision Sunday of 2018. This is going to be a very important and exciting service as we share not only what we have accomplished so far but the fresh word that we feel that God has given us for the next phase of our journey. And because of that fresh word we are calling this event 'Light The Fire'! 

It is time for us to come together as a church family and get fired up about the things that God is doing and has promised to do in our lives and in our church. So make sure you are a part of Vision Sunday. 

As usual, we will be taking up a special Vision Offering on that day to enable us to accomplish all of the things that we have set out in our Vision Statements. So, this time we are looking for an offering of $35,000. Now that might seem like a lot of money but remember this is a one time gift we are talking about. When you break it down it is not very much at all. It's...

35 people, couples, or families giving $1000
70 people, couples, or families giving $500
140 people, couples, or families giving $250
350 people, couples, or families giving $100

All we are asking is that you seriously and prayerfully consider what your contribution will be to the Vision Offering. There will also be pledge cards available (this Sunday) if you want to extend your giving beyond November 18th. See you in three weeks time on Vision Sunday!"