There is this simple yet amazing verse in Luke 10. Jesus sends out 72 of His followers to do ministry and they come back and are pumped. Verse 17 says: "The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.”

Could you imagine being in their shoes? You have been following Jesus, hanging off every word and one day Jesus says it is your turn. There would probably be a mixer of excitement and fear. But what is amazing is the disciples come back and are full of joy and excitement! Not only that but they carried a power with them that even saw the evil of the world being pushed back simply because they were marked with the name of Jesus (as His followers). These 72 got to experience seeing the power of the Kingdom of Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace impact the lives of people in a real and tangible way. They became part of something significant and Jesus is inviting you to the same thing.

The reality is that the same mission and power to see a change in our world exists today. Maybe this idea of being on mission with Jesus excites you. Are you searching for significance in your life? 

Jesus is calling every one of us to a significant life and He has equipped us with the skills and gifts to be a part of that significance. The question is: Will you accept that invitation? Following Jesus was never meant to be a spectator sport but involves action. But maybe you are wondering where to start. At Gateway we believe everyone has a place to BELONG and BECOME all that God meant for them to be and this is why we want to give people a place for significance. Let us partner with you in finding your place, your gifts, and your significance! 

Here are a couple easy options that could be the beginning of your journey of significance:

1. GatewayGroups: Are you someone that enjoys opening your home and hosting people? Are you someone who would love to create a space for people to be able to make meaningful connections and grow in their faith? 

We are looking to launch some new GatewayGroups and we need people like you! Don't worry, we will train you, give you all the tools and resources needed, and build into you as people. What we are looking for is people who have a desire to explore further of what this could look like. 

Contact Pastor Jackson ( today and he will get you more details and connect further.

2. Ronald McDonald House Toy Drive: What we do at Gateway isn’t just about what happens in the four walls of our church but also in the city we live. We look to impact our city in a way that not only shows love and gives hope but meets the needs of people and empowers the people and organizations working in the trenches. We do this through small and big actions. 

During the month of December, we will be collecting gifts for the Ronald McDonald House. This may seem like a simple act (and it is) but has a profound impact on the lives of the kids and families they serve. 

Starting this Sunday you can bring new unwrapped gifts for kids ages 12-17 which can be dropped off in the foyer (we will be collecting until December 16th). As well, if reaching out to people in our city is something that you are passionate about, or you want to learn more about what #ForEdmonton is all about, you can learn more about you can partner/join our #ForEdmonton team as they will be standing by the drop-off area this Sunday and would love to connect.

3. Christmas Invites: There is power in a simple invitation! Jesus invited people to follow Him and their lives were never the same again. I am sure you can share your own story of how you came to meet Jesus and experience this life we call Christianity. 

What if this Christmas season you were able to share that experience with someone else? This Sunday our Christmas invites will be on the seats and you can use this as a tool to be able to encourage people to experience Christmas in a way they may have never before. 

We have geared the entire month of December to be a place that your friends and family can experience the HOPE, LOVE, JOY, and PEACE God wishes to offer to people in our new Advent series 'UNWRAPPED'. You don't need to wait for the 23rd and 24th to bring along a friend. 

Get your invite this Sunday and also use the site as a way to invites your friends and family. 

Start your journey of significance today! If you would like to explore all the options we have in partnering with you in your journey towards significance, simply email Pastor Drake today (! We believe everyone has a place for significance.