Pastor Drake challenged us, this past Sunday, with the idea that the gift of joy is not a gift at all if it isn't shared

When we think about the potential that Christmas has for impact in the lives of people it is truly exciting! Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to bless someone's life and give the gift of joy in their life this Christmas season? If that idea resonates with you, we are putting together a special team just for Christmas. We have some fun and exciting opportunities for you to be able to be a gift to someone on December 23rd and 24th.

Here are some of the opportunities available and if you are interested in joining one of these teams or just want to help, contact

1. Parking Lot Team (3 spots still available): This team not only will help control the flow of traffic but help create a welcoming environment as people drive in and realize the personal touch you are bringing to their visit. 

2. Chair Set Up Team (2 spots still available): In the effort to create a welcoming environment we want every person to have a space to sit and in turn be able to belong! This is a key team in making this a reality. 

3. Activity Station Teams: A huge part of the Christmas experience is making memories and what better way to make memories but through fun & friends? Being a part of one of our activity station teams means you will be able to deliver a fun and exciting experience for people coming to our events and also be the human connection to the whole experience God wishes to bring into their lives. Here are some of the activities table teams we are looking to build!

2 people for cookie decorating station
1 person for sleigh ride line
1 person for our snowman building, snow painting and snow castles
2 people for our foyer games
2 people for the maple taffy station
5 people to be on our clean-up team

Some of these things may seem like no big deal but know that these teams make a HUGE difference in the lives of the people who will be our guests and could be the catalyst towards a journey of experiencing God's love. One small act can be a part of God's big story for that person.