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Jesus speaks one of the simplest yet most powerful words in the life of the disciples he called that would change their reality forever: "Follow Me!" (Matt 4:19; John 1:43). I am sure many of you have heard these stories before but maybe what you don't realize is that many of the disciples were introduced to Jesus through someone else (including Peter). 

Peter's brother Andrew is introduced to Jesus through John the Baptist and the first thing he does is tell his brother Peter: (John 1:41-41) Not only this but Peter, while he is fishing, hears a message delivered by Jesus to a crowd of onlookers and shortly after is witness to Jesus' miracle of the catch of fish! It is at this point that Jesus says "Follow me and I will make you a fisher of men" and Peter leaves his nets and follows Jesus. (Luke 5:1-11) Shortly after Philip meets Jesus and through his interaction, his life is changed and immediately tells Nathanael where he experiences Jesus in a supernatural way and as well is changed forever! (John 1:43-51).

A Simple Action Changed The Lives Of So Many
This simple action was an invitation to meet Jesus. So many people's lives were changed when they met Jesus and couldn't help but share it with everyone! "You need to meet this amazing person named Jesus!"
What is amazing is we still have the same power in this simple action. What would happen if your simple invitation could change the life of someone you know? 

Fall-Kick Off is coming up quick and we are making it extremely easy to help empower you to change the life of someone you know with one simple action of an invitation. To help you with this we are asking every person to prayerfully consider who God is calling them to bring to Fall Kick-Off. All you need to do is invite them and let God do the rest!

Two Ways You Can Invite
1. There will be an invite on every seat on August 12th. Make sure to grab at least one invite (or even better, three). Even if you don't have someone in mind, keep that invite with you and let God show you who you could tell and you will have the invite to give that will have all the information needed. 

2. Share on social media the website www.fallkickoff.ca and spread the word about this event. The basic details are already up (including the service and the party afterward). As we get closer to the day more and more stuff will get updated on that site. 

Remember, your small action could change the life of someone! So, the question is: Who Are You Saving A Seat For?