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My name is Linnette and this is my GatewayStory!

Upon entering Gateway alliance I was greeted by two friendly ladies. Orienting myself I introduced myself to one of the greeters. She was so awesome, friendly and helpful. I let her know that I was new and have never been to this church before. She immediately gave me a warm and friendly welcome, and invited me to meet her after the service to let her know my thoughts of the service. Obtaining an ideal piece of real estate in the sanctuary I settled in to enjoy the worship and the sermon. Well.... I was blown away!!

I did not expect the worship to be like a rock concert - in no time both my hands were raised and I was bringing down the roof with everyone else.  Topping it off I heard a most excellent sermon!! Wow! Simple, wise, clear, intelligent and eloquent- mixed with fire and gentleness. I took photos and notes sending them to my husband who was working out of town. Faith is the thermometer, and hope is like the furnace’ I get it - thanks Pastor Martin! An excellent message!!

Throughout the service I had tears running down my cheeks, I finally found the place where I belong. I observed generosity, friendliness, talent and an organized team all in a great friendly environment. I LOVE IT ALL! I couldn’t wait to meet up with the greeter I met when I walked in and let her know how much I enjoyed the service. Well, we I hit it off, exchanged phone numbers,. and we text each other regularly.

The following Sunday I brought my husband, and we heard Pastor Jackson give a message that nothing can separate us from God’s love. All was a hit with Kevin, we are sold. Thank you to my new friend for inviting me to be a door greeter and to the rest of the team for making my husband and I feel welcome. I have many many more family members that I can’t wait to bring here. 

As a greeter I’ve challenged myself to memorize everyone’s names in the church so I can greet each personally. Thank you for allowing me to participate and be involved in this dynamic and awesome church I look forward to a great future here. Millions and billions of God’s blessings to you all!