At Gateway, kids matter!

In GatewayKids, all children from age 0 to grade 6 are provided a place to belong, where they can discover and wrestle with what they believe and become all that God created them to be through our Nursery, Preschool, Early Elementary and Preteen programs. Click on a program listed below for more information about it, or email Lauren Reid., 


Before dropping your child off to their allotted program, you can check them in at our Kid Check-In Centre. This Planning Centre system will provide your child with a name tag on which you can list any allergies or medical information for our volunteers, so they can provide the best care for your child and ensure that they are given an appropriate snack. You can also make note of your diaper changing permission/preferences on these name tags as well as your contact information in case of emergency. You will be given a guardian receipt that matches your child’s name tag to ensure that no one other then yourself and those that you designate will be allowed to pick up your child.


At GatewayKids we make it a priority to ensure that all our volunteers are screened using police checks with vulnerable sector searches and are trained in Plan to Protect so that when you drop off your child you can rest assured knowing that they are in loving and capable hands.


Our little ones in this program enjoy Sunday mornings full of play, prayer, cuddles, songs and stories! They are looked after by wonderful volunteers who are passionate about sharing God’s love with infants and toddlers. You will have the opportunity to specify on your child’s name tag whether you would prefer our volunteers to change your child’s diaper should the need arise, or if you would like to be called to change them yourself. If you happen to forget diapers at home, there is no need to worry as we can provide a variety of sizes for you here!

+ ADVENTURERS (ages 4-6)

Our adventurers are on a journey of exploring the love of God as they learn more about who God is, and how He sees us and the world that He created. Kids grow in their experience of God’s love through creative and imaginative play, exciting crafts and activities that enhance the story and video lessons from our engaging Sparkhouse Holy Moly curriculum, and small group share and prayer time. Here our volunteers are excited to nurture our children’s curiosity and spirit of adventure in their relationship with God.

+ PATHFINDERS (gr. 2-6)

In this program, our kids really begin to dive into understanding who they are as children of God, and what it means to be in a relationship with Him. Pathfinders begin their morning in the service with their parents/guardians to get a glimpse of what big church is like and to have the opportunity to worship with their families and witness the power that worship has in their lives. After this, they are sent on their way to GatewayKids where they enjoy their own service of games, crafts and activities, worship, small groups and engaging multimedia lessons taught by our fantastic volunteers using the Sparkhouse Connect curriculum. This is a ministry whose leaders are excited, passionate and intentional about encouraging and supporting our kids, and modelling the love of God, and what it looks like to be in a relationship with Him.

To help make your visit run smoother we offer the option for you to pre-register your child(ren). To learn more about our check-in service, click the 'KID CHECK-IN' option above.