"Now this I know: The LORD gives VICTORY to his ANOINTED. He answers him from his heavenly sanctuary with the victorious POWER of his right hand." Psalm 20:6

In partnership with our district we are hosting a Soul Care Equipping Conference - August 21-24

This conference has two primary purposes:
, to help people grow in intimacy and the health of their souls. It takes people to lead a healthy church. We are often limited by our past wounds, our current behaviors, and our faulty thinking. The conference will teach biblical principles for healing the soul, and overcoming broken and sinful areas of life.

Second, the conference is designed to equip people to impact others as well. A key focus of this equipping event is giving tools to people to facilitate deep life-change in themselves and others through the presence of Jesus. During each session, a ministry time will be provided for participants to process their own journey and lead others through healing.