It can be hard trying something out for the fIrst time. We have more questions than answers: WHERE DO I GO? WHERE DO MY KIDS GO AND WILL THEY BE SAFE? WHAT WILL THE MUSIC BE LIKE? WHAT WILL PEOPLE BE WEARING? WILL IT BE WEIRD? We are here to help! We love having guests at Gateway and believe everyone should have a place to belong.

Check out some of our easy options below to both get an idea of what to expect and also ways we can serve you in your first (or second or third) visit.


Want to get an idea of what a regular Sunday experience is like and what to expect before you show up? You don't need to play the guessing game. Get some of your biggest questions answered and get a feel of what we are all about. 


We have an awesome kids program from infants to grade 6. We are all about safety first, including an easy Check-In system to help with drop off & pick up. To help make your visit run smoother you can pre-register your child(ren).


First time at Gateway? Don’t want to go alone? Or maybe you’ve been a few times but you’d like to ask a few questions, get a tour, or connect with us. Consider scheduling a visit with our welcome team and experience the VIP treatment.


You don't need to 'schedule a visit' to show up but our welcome team is available for anyone who would like this option. 

Schedule your visit and we will:

  • Show you around

  • Get a free specialty coffee and coffee mug on us

  • Help you get your child(ren) checked in to GatewayKids

  • Save seats of your choice for you in the service